The Insidious Inner Critic: Do You Fall Into This Toxic Trap? [Video]

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This video is from the wisdom of Prem Baba

Lucid Dreaming and the Inner Critic

The inner critic is something you’ll have to deal with when you are learning to lucid dream.

It will pop up and try to ruin your day by convincing you that you’ll never be able to lucid dream consistently. It will demand that you be better. That you be better than others. That you learn faster.

You can recognize the inner critic is rearing its ugly head when you find yourself comparing your progress in lucid dreaming to others. When you think either:

“I am better at this then they are.”


“It only took him 4 days and it’s been 4 months for me. I’ll never get it.”

Everyone learns at their own pace. Some it might take 4 months to have their first lucid dream, but they will then consistently lucid dream. Others might get it on their first try.

The real question is, can you sustain your lucid dreaming practice and consistently be lucid? Or can you be lucid when you would like, and sleep normally when you like?

Can you bring this kind of fluidity to your practice?

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