Confidential Dream Recall Techniques and Tips To Explode Your Memories [Video]

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Dream recall can literally allow you to live more of your life. The more you remember your dreams, the more you remember the emotions, the thrills, the lessons, and the fun of your dreams. Your subconscious talks to you every night through your dreams. The first step toward listening is to master dream recall.

Power Journaling for Dream Recall

The best way to increase your dream recall is through a simple technique called dream journaling. All you need to do is buy a journal and start writing down your dreams. Put the journal right next to your bed before you go to sleep, and as you are falling asleep tell yourself you will remember your dreams in the morning.

Optimum Frequency of Journaling

To boost your dream recall to the point where you are remembering 6+ dreams a night, it is often necessary to write down your dreams every morning.

Some people have a stronger dream memory and are able to remember their dreams without doing this, but most people need to continue writing down their dreams to keep the memory solidified.

Even if dream recall comes naturally to you, I still recommend writing down your dream. It is the foundation of lucid dreaming practice and too easily overlooked.

If your success with lucid dreaming falls off at some point along the journey it is so helpful to have a solid foundation in dream recall to bounce back with.

Dream recall techniquesConsistency = Gold

Consistently writing down your dreams every morning will inevitably lead you to success with dream recall.

Some people get very ambitious and wake up constantly during the night to write down their dreams.

If you can sustain this practice, great! Keep doing it.

But if you will only do this for a month and then stop writing them down altogether, then it is best if you just write them down in the morning when it is more conducive to your normal sleeping habits.

Consistency is key with dream recall.

Devastatingly Simple Way to Access Your Dreaming Memory

When you first wake up in the morning, don’t think of what you have to do during the day. Don’t think of what is next, what you will have for breakfast, or about your partner if you have one.

Keep your mind blank.

Keep your mind in the dream-like transition state. In this state the memories of your dreams will come back much easier.

Unraveling the Thread of Your Mind

The best technique for dream recall in the morning is called unraveling the thread.

Imagine a giant ball of thread, of which you can only touch a small bit that is sticking out.

If you want to see the whole ball of thread you are going to have to pull the bit that is available to you. This is how you can turn an image, or a feeling of a dream into 6 pages of detailed dream recall.

Whatever bit of the dream you have from the night before, whether it is a static image, a clip, or even just a feeling, use that as your guide into revealing the rest of your dreams.

Just write down whatever you have, and let the ball of thread unravel through your fingers. If you find yourself stuck, just keep writing. Write about what you are feeling now, your thoughts about the dream, etc. The act of writing will soon unravel the thread of your dream recall.

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