Sean Kelly

Here’s the short story of the genesis of Lucid Academy…

I’ve been having lucid dreams for over 20 years now and there has been no single thing that’s transformed my life more than these experiences.

I wouldn’t trade it for ANYTHING in the world.

For the past eight years, I’ve been traveling around the globe unraveling the deepest secrets of lucid dreaming.

My journey started at UC Berkeley, where I spent most of my time studying dreams and sleep directly with the world’s leading researchers…and they have helped me to open my eyes when it comes to lucid dreaming.

It was at UC Berkeley many years ago where I put together the first version Lucid Academy’s online animated video course.

During that time I “devoured” the most important contemporary and ancient texts available.

Since then I’ve spent the past years traveling the globe, seeking out wisdom from some of the world’s greatest masters of lucid dreaming.

It was a personal quest to finally master the art of lucid dreaming.

Quite frankly, if I wanted to achieve my objective I had to get inside the minds of these lucid dreaming experts.

And that’s what I did…

I learned Tibetan Dream Yoga from Buddhist Lamas in the mountains, received secret teachings from Indian gurus in ashrams, studied sacred techniques in the jungles of Thailand, learned the mysterious ways of the Hopi Indians, and discovered ancient underground methods of the Yogic masters.

My journey has taken me from the academic halls of UC Berkeley to temples in obscure villages in India, all for the sake of uncovering the secrets of lucid dreaming.

I’ve learned the best, most effective methods and closely guarded secret techniques through years of practice and study, and I’ve created a practical “system” that people like you can use to achieve great success in lucid dreaming.

I really want to share this experience with everyone, so I decided to create Lucid Academy and offer this fantastic opportunity to the world.

The one thing I’ve learned after all these years of delving into the potential of human consciousness: I know absolutely nothing at all.

I just have one question for you.

Are you dreaming?