Can You Answer These 21 Questions Every Lucid Dreamer Should Know? [Quiz]

Do you know the fundamentals of lucid dreaming?

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Waking up From This Waking Dream [Video]

A dreamer dreams a dream. He sees the dream world with pleasures, pains. etc. But he wakes up and then loses all interest in the dream world. So it is with the waking world also. Just as the dream-world, being only a part of yourself and not different from you, ceases to interest you, so […]

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This Silly, Hidden Thing Is Causing Your Relationship to Fall Apart [Video]

The Struggle for Power in Relationships

The great majority of relationships are studying the theme of the struggle for power. Some people are aware of this, while others are not. One of the ways to have power over the other is not to validate their point of view. It is possible to have an objective perception about the other that reveals […]

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The Process of Enlightenment [Video]


“The process of enlightenment begins by identifying what still manifests itself through the shadow. There are compulsive obsessions or behaviors that manifest in the form of a thought or a repetitive dream, like a soundtrack that consistently repeats inside of you. For example, let’s suppose that you are compulsively remembering your family and experiencing negative […]

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Define Lucid Dreaming: The REAL Definition and The 4 Levels of Lucidity

Define lucid dreaming - the REAL definition

It seems like everyone tends to define lucid dreaming in their own way. Some define lucid dreaming as “realizing one is dreaming while they are still dreaming.” Others say you need more than that: “when one realizes one is dreaming while inside the dream and can control the dream.” Another one I’ve heard: “you must […]

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Death is a Myth [Video]

  “Death is a frightening word, but it is only a myth that imprisons us. You overcome death and free yourself from this conditioning, this myth, when you allow yourself to be guided by love and become a silent witness. For this to happen, you should practice self-observation, which is the first key. Observe your […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Lucid Dreaming Research

lucid dreaming research

1. Lucid dreaming: Correspondence between dreamed and actual events in one subject during REM sleep Fenwick, P., Schatzman, M., Worsely, A., Adams, J., Stone, S., & Baker, A. (1984) Summary of Their Findings: – “During lucid dreaming, a subject willed movements of his fingers, toes and feet, remembered tasks, and counted sensory stimuli. Dreamed speech […]

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Astral Projection vs Lucid Dreaming – The Ultimate Showdown

photo credit: Stéfan via photopin cc When the topic of astral projection and lucid dreaming comes up, I hear people making all sorts of claims about what astral projection means and what lucid dreaming means. Lucid dreamers can get attached to their preferred skill and think it’s better than astral projection. Astral projectors do the […]

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The Insidious Inner Critic: Do You Fall Into This Toxic Trap? [Video]

This video is from the wisdom of Prem Baba Lucid Dreaming and the Inner Critic The inner critic is something you’ll have to deal with when you are learning to lucid dream. It will pop up and try to ruin your day by convincing you that you’ll never be able to lucid dream consistently. It […]

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9 Strange Ways to Induce Lucid Dreams That Curl Your Toes

induce lucid dreams

When learning how to induce lucid dreams there are lots of methods, but I’m going to give you 9 of the best. Got your toe curlers ready? Some of these methods to induce lucid dreams might be strange to you, but you know what? They work. Later in the post I’ll give you the most […]

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