5 Benefits of Lucid Dreaming – Benefits You Are Missing Out On

What are 5 benefits of lucid dreaming? There are many psychological and health benefits that lucid dreaming can provide. This article will go over just 5 of the countless incredible effects you can receive. Just know that you are the only limit to your potential in the dream world.

Get Life-Changing Information From Your Subconscious

Imagine for a second that you had a jewel that you could ask any question and it would answer.

This jewel could tell you anything you wanted to know about yourself.

Things you have locked away inside. Potentials that can be released. Great memories, untapped skills.

This jewel exists when you lucid dream. When you dream you are in direct contact with your subconscious mind.

This direct access is a treasure and one of the benefits of lucid dreaming, but only if one knows how to utilize it correctly.

Becoming conscious in your dreams is the first step. Asking for what you want is the second. Ask and ye shall receive.

Do Anything You Want in Your Dreams, Naughty or Nice

We all have desires, fantasies, and wants that go unfulfilled during the course of our lives.

When you lucid dream, all these desires can be satisfied so you don’t have to obsess over them. You can experience whatever your deepest fantasy may be: talk about the meaning of life with Einstein, make love with a celebrity, sail the cosmic oceans on a spaceship, or have a picnic in the middle of the earth.

No matter what your desire is you can fulfill it in your dreams. Once you have tasted this desire, it can be a great opportunity to see where in your being that strong desire comes from as well.

5 Benefits of Lucid Dreaming - Better SleepSurprisingly Better, Blissful, and More Restful Sleep

Bringing more awareness to your sleep and dreams gives you more restful sleep.

True relaxation occurs when you are able to relax while maintaining consciousness.

That’s lucid dreaming and lucid sleep in a nutshell.

We feel that we relax when we sit in front of a TV, but in reality we are simply taking in more and more stimulation. The mind and body doesn’t truly relax in those situations.

Those who practice lucid dreaming almost always find they are more rested and have a much better interaction with their sleep in general. This is one of the top benefits of lucid dreaming that people report.

Everyone loves a good sleep.

Dramatically Improve Your Memory

Your sleep is absolutely essential in solidifying your memories of waking life.

Dreams solidify what is called episodic memory, while deep sleep solidifies semantic memory. Episodic memory is like muscle memory, the memory of your body. It is the memory you need to learn new skills and perfect the ones you have already.

Semantic memory is basically the ability to remember facts. Think of an atlas.

If you can remember every fact and figure from an atlas, then you have great semantic memory. Lucid dreaming and lucid sleep allows you to solidify everything you learned during the day, as well as consciously choosing what other things you want to solidify in your memory.

When students ask about the benefits of lucid dreaming, this is often at the top of their interest list.

Learn a Delightful Skill in One Night

All professional athletes dream of their sport during the night.

Many use visualization to improve their game. Why?

Because when they dream of scoring a goal, the pattern of neuronal activation in their brain is almost the same as if they were actually scoring that goal.

That means the best athletes train when they dream too.

This whole world is open to you during conscious dreaming.

You can decide to learn guitar, do a handstand, ride a motorcycle, or any other skill you might want to learn. You can do it in a safe and fun environment.

Try it out.


These are just 5 benefits of lucid dreaming. If I listed all 3,456,789 benefits you would never make it through this article. If you are a lucid dreamer already, what benefits have you noticed in your life? Add them in the comments below.

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