The Process of Enlightenment [Video]

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“The process of enlightenment begins by identifying what still manifests itself through the shadow. There are compulsive obsessions or behaviors that manifest in the form of a thought or a repetitive dream, like a soundtrack that consistently repeats inside of you.

For example, let’s suppose that you are compulsively remembering your family and experiencing negative feelings about them.

This indicates that you still have unfinished business or open accounts. Which is the self that presides over the situation?

First identify what the feeling is: shame, guilt, revenge…

Once you have identified the feeling, then you can identify which self is sustaining that feeling.

Maybe this self needs something from you.

Maybe you need to bring a new meaning to your story, and do something in order to free yourself from this obsession.

This is how you shine light on the dark corners of your soul.”

- These are the words of Sri Prem Baba:

Watch it on YouTube here

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