Discipline on the Path of Yoga – Prem Baba [Video]

“The path of yoga requires a lot of discipline and commitment.

You will be tempted to deviate from your path because the mind will want to drag you towards the world of the senses.

The mind wants power, and to experience fleeting joys, simply because it is addicted to those experiences.

As you begin the process of freeing yourself from addiction, you must be willing to constantly renew your vows.

For this to happen, discipline is key.

Therefore, you should sit down every day, preferably at the same time, and do your spiritual practice — even if it is difficult and resistance emerges with full power.

Understand that these resistances are like the weeds that you have to remove from the land so that you can continue along your path.”

- Sri Prem Baba

For more on this topic by Prem Baba: http://www.sriprembaba.org/en/satsang/040113

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