Binaural Beats for Lucid Dreaming That Induce Hypnotic Thrills

Binaural Beats for Lucid Dreaming

Using binaural beats for lucid dreaming induction can be very helpful in your journey if used in the right way. If you are interested in pursuing this in your practice then read through this article, then use the sample binaural beats for lucid dreaming at the end. Stay safe and stay experimenting!

What the heck are binaural beats?

Binaural beats lucid dreaming

Stereo headphones are necessary

Binaural beats are the name given to a certain type of music or frequencies that can train the brain into different states. They are actually more of an effect, a perceptual effect to be exact. The effect occurs when you wear stereo headphones. A frequency of 500 hertz is played in one ear, 510 hertz in the other, and the brain will then entrain to 10 hertz.

When the brain is giving off brainwaves mostly in the 10 hertz range, the person becomes very relaxed, getting ready for sleep or meditation. You can use binaural beats to induce sleep, relaxation, alertness, and most importantly: lucid dreaming.

Why use binaural beats for lucid dreaming?

Because they can be effective. Plain and simple. One of the biggest issues people have when learning to lucid dream is they can’t reach the relaxed state needed to slip into a dream lucidly. Some fall asleep too easily, and then need a bit more awareness as they fall asleep, while others have trouble falling asleep and therefore need help relaxing. Binaural beats can be helpful for both types of people.

You can also use certain preset binaural beats that specifically help in inducing lucid dreams. These presets are often based on our normal sleep cycles, so they help you bring awareness when you are likely to be in a dream. You can learn more in our upcoming video training course if you are interested. Just subscribe to our email list.

Binaural beats for lucid dreaming

Are binaural beats safe?

Are binaural beats dangerous?

For the general population binaural beats for lucid dreaming are safe. It is a mild way to help you into a mind state you would like.

It’s just like listening to music.

However, if you have serious health issues, suffer from schizophrenia, have seizures, or any other type of serious mental instability it is not recommended to use binaural beats for lucid dreaming or otherwise.

Children should stay away and of course never operate heavy machinery or drive your car when using binaural beats. Use common sense. Use binaural beats for lucid dreaming in a safe environment, preferably on your bed where no one will disturb you.

How to use binaural beats for lucid dreaming

1. Evaluate why you are using binaural beats.

Do you want to have a preset that you listen to all night?

Do you want to use them before bed to entrain your brain into the right state?

Do you want to use them in the morning for the same purpose?

2. Once you have determined your purpose, you must find binaural beats that fulfill this purpose. There are so many binaural beats out there, make sure to really do your research.

In our upcoming video training course on lucid dreaming we provide great resources and a nice bonus for those interested.

Here is a free mp3 of binaural beats you can download from Youtube. Just get a Youtube downloader by searching “youtuber downloader” on Google.

This binaural beat for lucid dreaming is based on a 90 minute sleep cycle. It is best used when taking a nap during the day. Enjoy!


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