Best Lucid Dream Induction Devices and Mind-Blowing Machines

Best lucid dream induction devices

There are various devices on the market, but what is the best lucid dream induction device?

Is it even one on the market?

The best lucid dream induction device could be cooking up in an obscure basement of a mad scientist dream right now…

Until that mad scientist announces her creation to the world, we’ll have to evaluate what we can already touch.

Novadreamer lucid dream induction deviceThe Godfather

The godfather of lucid dream induction devices is the Novadreamer.

Al Pacino would approve.

It’s the original, the groundbreaker, and still probably the most famous. Though one later in this post is giving it a run for it’s money.

Stephen LaBerge and his crew of dream researchers had a great thing going with that device, but unfortunately they seem as though they’ve decided not to continue developing that product.

The Novadreamer worked by detected your Rapid Eye Movement during REM sleep, which signaled that you were dreaming. It was a mask you wore on your face that connected up to a computer.

Once it was detected that you were in REM, the mask would flash red LED lights on your eyelids.

That light would then be incorporated into your dreams and act as a signal for you that you are in a dream.

The idea is that you are supposed to recognize you are dreaming once the red lights show up in your dreams.

They had good success with their device, and numerous other devices have tried to copy their success.

Honestly, aside from the Novadreamer it seems as though all these devices have seen mixed results.

Still the Novadreamer is the only lucid dream device which is able to give controlled studies indicating its effectiveness.

Those of us who have been waiting for the Novadreamer 2 for years have mostly moved from excitement, to disappointment, back into excitement, before a deeper disappointment, and now finally into acceptance.

If the Novadreamer 2 ever comes…awesome. Until then there are many more players on the market that are proving promising.

REM Dreamer  lucid dream induction deviceThe Cool Uncle

The REM Dreamer has been around for many years and has proven to be an effective lucid dream induction device.

Nothing fancy, like one of our contenders below, but it just works.

The REM Dreamer is like that cool uncle who you love to hang around with.

He’s fun loving, doesn’t put too much pressure on you to get a high-paying job or get married or anything.

He’s just there be cool and have a good time.

The REM Dreamer has upgraded its hardware slowly but consistently over the years, which to me shows they aren’t just a flash-in-the-pan product trying to make a quick buck off of a recent increased interest in lucid dreaming.

They are here to stay and I respect that.

Short Rant

Unfortunately there seem to be too many of those nowadays: people who see lucid dreaming as a market to make money off of instead of a way to help people bring more wellbeing and transcendental experiences into their lives.

I’m seeing eBooks and quickly thrown together courses so people can make a buck. They will drop off, and the people who are really interested in spreading the absolutely amazing art of lucid dreaming to the world will still be here.


Because we aren’t in it for the money. So we aren’t going anywhere if times get hard, when obstacles pop up.

It’s for a good cause. It’s to help the world and the people in it.

Ok I’m done ranting now.

Remee  lucid dream induction deviceThe New Kid on the Block

When you were growing up did a new kid ever move in on your block or in your neighborhood?

What were your first thoughts about that kid?

Were you welcoming? Mean? Open? Closed?

Well what if that kid drove up in a Rolls Royce and you heard from so many of your friends how cool he was?

That’s kind of how the Remee sleep mask came onto the scene.

Although to be fair, they earned that Rolls Royce through a well done crowdfunding campaign.

Their marketing has been absolutely superb. Their design impeccable. Their simplicity, wonderful.

So it still remains to be seen if this new kid is as cool as he looks and was hyped. I’m really hoping, because there is one key part missing from this kid: it doesn’t detect whether you are in REM sleep.

You have to program when the flashing lights of this sleep mask are set to go off. This forces you to predict when your REM periods will be, which isn’t always the easiest thing to do.

I’ve still got high hopes for this kid and hoping that they are in it for the long haul.

Hoping they will take product improvements and really make the Remee into the best lucid dreaming induction device since the Novadreamer.

Here is to optimism!

Aurora HeadbandThe Baby

The Aurora sleep mask is currently undergoing a crowdfunding campaign and is doing super well.

They came in and filled the gaping hole that the Luci mask left when they abruptly and mysteriously withdrew their already successful crowdfunding campaign.

This is another lucid dream device that the jury is still out on, but looks promising.

Above all I love that so many people are interested in the field. This kind of passion and interest in lucid dreaming is so wonderful to see in the world.

It’s got some great features including customizable lights and sounds so you can tailor them to your liking.

If you are a light sleeper and strong red flashing lights will wake you up, then you can make the lights low.

You can also use whatever sounds you want. This one is very promising for me. If you are disciplined and peg a sound to your reality check every time during waking, then use that same sound during sleeping, I see a higher chance of success.

The only drawback at this point seems that you’ll need a smartphone to hook up to it. But who doesn’t have a smartphone these days? (those who don’t are shaking a fist at me right now).

However, at the time I am writing this they need $200,000 more dollars to embed all the software within the unit itself to make it standalone. No smartphone needed. We’ll see how it all shakes out.

Ok great Sean, you gave me four options and gave some weird comparisons to family and people moving into your neighborhood, but what is the BEST lucid dream induction device?

WINNER: The Novadreamer


Still the only lucid dream device which has proven it’s consistent effectiveness in inducing lucid dreams.

It was developed by one of the foremost pioneers of the field, Stephen LaBerge, and could even hook up to your computer for a more sophisticated analysis.

Unfortunately since this isn’t available anymore, you’ll have to go with the…


Consistent. Effective.

Manufacturers have been around the block and have shown they are committed to sticking with the product for the long-term.

Best of all…it’s actually available here.


Lots of potential and set at a good price point, I’m eager to see how effective it is when a good amount of people put it to the test.


After extensively using lucid dream induction devices I found that the methods I developed to induce lucid dreams ended up being much more effective.

I also didn’t want to rely on a device or anything aside from my own internal capabilities so I stopped using them.

If you are interested in learning the distilled system I developed that allowed me to induce lucid dreams consistently, then sign up for our email list or click here.

For those who have used these devices and various others, what has your experience been like?

What is the best lucid dream induction device in your opinion?

Go ahead and comment in the section below.

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