7 Best Insider Lucid Dreaming Tips Exposed for Your Shameless Pleasure

Whether you are an experienced lucid dreamer or a complete beginner, these 7 lucid dreaming tips can help you along your path. Enjoy!

Insider Lucid Dreaming Tip # 1: Know your purpose, or face certain peril

Why are you choosing to lucid dream?

Are you simply curious about exploring your dreams?

Do you want to work out deep emotional issues in a smooth way?

Or maybe you would just like to have fantastic lucid sex?

Whatever your purpose is for learning lucid dreaming, be clear and honest with yourself about it. Keep that purpose in mind when you run into obstacles or struggle through a certian part of the process.

Insider Lucid Dreaming Tip #2: Expand your mind to monumental proportions

The only limits in your dreams are the ones you create and bring into the dreamworld. We spend 16 hours a day in waking life, and we identify so strongly with our physical body, it is inevitable that we will bring it’s laws and rules into the dream world.

These are things you will need to let go. There is no gravity in dreams unless your subconscious creates it. You can simply float away. Try it.

Insider Lucid Dreaming Tip #3: Pat yourself on the back because you are awesome

When you undergo a practice like lucid dreaming it’s important to congratulate yourself on your successes to keep your motivation strong.

Too often I see people get excited for a short while, then quickly lose the motivation to continue practicing lucid dreaming because it simply isn’t encouraged in their lives.

In lieu of external encouragement, you have to work at being your own best cheerleader. Remember, whenever you have a success make sure you remind yourself how much you rock because of it.

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Insider Lucid Dreaming Tip #4: Talk about your dreams…even your naughty ones

When you hang out with your friends or colleagues make a habit of talking about your dreams with them.

If they aren’t too receptive, go ahead and form a small group of dream buddies. It shouldn’t be too hard to get them excited about it.

You’ll find the more you talk about your dreams, the more people around you remember theirs and enjoy sharing. If you have a family, make it a fun breakfast activity where each person gets to share a bit about their dreams the night before.

In our animated video course, Lucid Dreaming Mastery, we’ve made community a large part of the course. You get to connect with fellow dreamers on the path and share your journey as you progress together.

Insider Lucid Dreaming Tip #5: Keep it light, the apocalypse hasn’t arrived

If you find yourself getting too serious about the whole process, remember to keep it light! It’s good to balance a strong drive and determination without getting frustrated if your “results” aren’t up to your expectations.

Insider Lucid Dreaming Tip #6: Set fiercely clear goals

Seems like every self-help guru says the same thing right? Well it’s because they are right. Writing down your goals helps you achieve them.

It makes them real.

It gives you a target to shoot for to direct all your actions. In Lucid Dreaming Mastery there is a whole module devoted to exactly this because it is so important for lucid dreaming success.

Insider Lucid Dreaming Tip #7: Personalize your practice to conquer obstacles

Everyone has their own schedule in life and their own typology.

Make sure to follow a schedule that works well for you. There are certain practices that are tried and true, but everyone is different, so don’t be afraid to try a couple different techniques.

Test to see which one works best with your life situation.

Hope you found these tips for lucid dreaming helpful!

Got your own tips to share? The comments section beckons you to leave a comment below.

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    Thanks for giving tips about lucid dreaming success , I liked one tips that is talk about your dreams with friends or family.

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