The Astral Diaries: Lucid Dreaming in Paradise

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The Astral Diaries is a real time series brought to you by The Lucid Academy. This is a series of reflections on Agama Yoga Thailand’s first Yoga Nidra and Lucid Dreaming Workshop with Swami Vivekananda Saraswati. Produced by Agama Yoga Thailand and The Lucid Academy. I offer my daily reflections, insights and expertise.

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Notes from Swami Vivekananda Saraswati


People ask, Why would I train to have out-of-body experiences, lucid dreaming and astral projections? Isn’t that the ego? Most yogis would rather elevate their consciousness. Life is short, temptation is vast, and I don’t know that I will have the time to reach those extraordinary things.

If I have paranormal powers will that give me self realization, will it make me happy? If I can impress people in a party by bending a spoon with my mind isn’t that just an inflation of my ego? There is a subconscious danger when it comes to paranormal things. You may be able to do readings, but where is the wisdom?

Where is the spiritually realized person? 

Yet, astral projection has a direct spiritual impact. The astral projection is very much related to conscious, death and the dying process. When you astrally project you get phenomena which are very, very similar to what is happening when you die.

The problem with sleep, and with death is that they often happen unconsciously.


“He that dies before dying, dies no more.” 

~ Zen Buddhist dictum


Death is not supposed to happen unconsciously. To be able to go in a conscious death is much easier is if you have gone consciously into your sleep many times before. To exist in your astral body, and look down and see your body in bed gives the fundamental awareness that you are not just your physical body. This is the first step of the vedantic and spiritual awareness.         

To die before death means to reach astral projection, which means to go outside of your body. Your involuntary dreams are unconscious phenomenon of astral projection. You have to go out of the body consciously and deliberately. If you have done that a hundred times then, when death is coming, you are already out of the body.

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