The Astral Diaries: Morals and Ethics

The Astral Diaries is a real time series brought to you by The Lucid Academy. This is the 3rd part in my series of reflections on Agama Yoga Thailand’s first Yoga Nidra and Lucid Dreaming Workshop with Swami Vivekananda Saraswati. Produced by Agama Yoga Thailand and The Lucid Academy. I offer my daily reflections, insights and expertise.

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“Love is my shield, presence is my sword.”

- Prem Baba

Dream Work: Freaks, Wizards & Shamans

Notes from Swami Vivekananda Saraswati


When you do dream work you will become like shamans and wizards. If you want to be an astral projector you are going to be in an elite member of humanity. The normal person lives in ignorance.

What if you want to do something beautiful? People do have power. Where is the limit in terms of morality and immorality with astral projection? Ask, “What is the intention? Is it an abuse of power? Do you have something to offer? Is it a good deed or is it selfish?”

Knowledge is power. 

Everyone who has knowledge has power. Robert Monroe says, ‘if you want to become an astral projector then prepare to become a freak.’ The people around you will start treating you like a freak when you astral project. You will not be able to connect with the crowds when you are a magician.

Many people will start avoiding you when you do astral projection and lucid dreaming. People will think that you are strange and they will ostracize you. They will make a party, but not invite you. In the village the Shaman is a peculiar person. He is isolated and peculiar. When people need him he emerges, but he was not frolicking with people. Anything you do to lift yourself out of the norms of humanity will alienate you. 

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  1. Andrea June 26, 2013 at 8:14 pm #

    Morals and ethics are a big one – especially in dreaming. What you do and who you are in dreams is EXACTLY who you are in waking life. The most powerful tools in both “sides” of life that reveal love and right action are: empahy and compassion. Seeing yourself as a reflection in another – whether it’s a dream entity or the person physically standing next to you – and seeing that person in you – this is to blend the duality of life and find the “oneness” in us all <3 Thanks for sharing your journey!

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